Typically I only read about these folks in  ‘People’ magazine waiting in a supermarket line. But this morning a video clip of a speech Ms. Markle gave popped up after viewing another video clip.

Markle’s speech brought me to tears. I vividly recall the moment I realized girls/women were looked on as ‘less than’ boys and men. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it. It was around the age of Markle when she had her realization – 11 years old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMoVen6_XuA Though I’ve always personally fought against that mindset, it still is a constant presence. Many women have risen well beyond that mindset – I have hovered somewhere in the in-between.

My mother said to me, at a formative age, ‘You can always be a secretary.’ Not quite the ‘go out there and give ‘em all you’ve got’ confidence building send off a young gal might benefit from. My mom was the woman I always thought of as a woman warrior – not letting the ‘stigma’ of being a woman hold her back. Now with years I recognize she struggled as I have let myself struggle.

At age 11 Meghan Markle heard her call for advocacy and took action. She saw a TV commercial for dishwashing soap that said, “Women across America are struggling with greasy pots and pans.” She felt indignant and told her dad who encouraged her to write to people. She did – one of them being Hilary Clinton (who wrote her back) and another – the soap company – Proctor & Gamble. Linda Ellerbee interviewed Markle for her ‘Nick News’ show in 1993. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfaGleA4qYo Proctor & Gamble changed their ad.

As a nation and world we have lost and squandered immense vitality and innovation due to faulty mental constructs: women less than men; dark skinned people less than light skinned people; individual wealth over national whole-peopled wealth.

Thank goodness for the Meghan Markles who are struck by injustice and act publicly! Not all of us can have as wide an influence. But for today I’m going to call up my inner 11 year old Meghan Markle.