In another NPR interview this week, Irshad Manji, the author of ‘Don’t Label Me’, shifted my world. She makes an exceptional case for the more we identify each other by labels, the more trepidatious the case for actually diversity is made. I felt exhilarated listening. She cut through all in my mind I never realized was useless and harmful in the guise of anti-discriminatory thinking.

We are first and foremost human beings! I know it sounds clicheic and obvious. But total immersion in the revelation for me right now feels revolutionary.

I ordered ‘Don’t Label Me’ from our library.

Racial differences account for less than .01 percent of our genetic make up. We are waging wars, hatred and assumptions based on .01 percent, People. I would love to be alive when minds reach the agility to recognize our common human being-ness at 99.99 percent.