For me, there’s an innate rhythm to holy week I hold as natural and universal. For me, holy week illuminates a common sojourn through our human condition.

After Lenten self-contemplation and Palm Sunday celebration of immersion, Maundy Thursday has Jesus in Gethsemane, struggling with self-sacrifice, lack of friend awareness, and choosing to go through with what feels right (and hard) to do; Good Friday he sees his choosing through, overcomes fear, and accepts death; Holy Saturday keeps quiet vigil; Easter Sunday he rises from the dead.

These are the beliefs of most, if not all, Christian faiths. I accept my state of not accepting the infallibility of these teachings. But I do believe holy week exemplifies a psychic rhythm we human beings naturally experience and can relate to on some level. 

I do believe in the conservation of energy. I do believe no energy is lost. I do believe Love. Love feels right and better than anything. I do believe that man, Jesus, really lived and built his life on Love and strove mightily to bring others to Love. I believe he died for Love.

I hope, in my own fallible human measure, I continue striving toward Love.

May all our human weeks (-nesses?) be holy.