Stayed up for the Bruins game last night.

Back in the days of Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito. Gerry Cheevers, Pie MacKenzie, Derek Sanderson, Johnny Bucyk and the like, I was a die-hard Bruins fan. When on school nights Mom dismissed me from our 12-inch black and white TV, to bed, I listened under the covers, on my transistor radio. I charted goals scored, assists made, major and minor penalties received – in three ring binders – the whole nine yards. Now I turn them on solely for Stanley Cup Finals.

Serious breach, Manda.

I guiltily admit – I still get riled up – as only a die-hard fan is truly entitled to – but I can’t help it.

And so I roared when the Blue’s guy egregiously tripped our Bruin from behind, setting up a Blues goal that proved to be the game winner. A penalty uncalled and a goal undeserved.

Serious breach.

(Just sayin’ – why isn’t Sunqvist suspended for the same amount of games Grzelcyk is out? Okay – fair weather fan done! )