An image PCA’s Erik Johnson introduced was that of two intersecting circles: one circle being the WHAT and the other the HOW. He claimed most parents and coaches in the Sports realm – and life realm – concern themselves with those two aspects. But he claims the core from which both the WHAT and HOW emanate from – is the WHY.

WHY do we want our children to participate in Sports – and other healthy activities? Some of the answers from both student athletes and parents included: for fun; to be part of a team; to challenge themselves; to face adversity; to live a balanced life; to learn to deal with all the feelings that come from winning and losing; to learn to get along well with all different people; for fitness; etc. PCA – Positive Coaching Alliance – professes one main motto: Better athletes, better people.

It seems to me Johnson’s coaching must have evolved from the WHAT and HOW to the WHY. He said, when hundreds of college student athletes were asked what the worst thing about their athletic experience was growing up, the majority replied, ‘The ride home.’

Parents (me, included – and not just in Sports) want to go over all the WHATs and HOWs, and in so doing miss out on the WHY. For instance: “I felt so proud of you when you missed that jump shot but still hustled right off the court with your head up and continued to cheer your team on.”

Better athletes, better people