Amanda Maffei is seasoned. With a bit of rosemary, turmeric and cayenne pepper, her music stimulates the senses. An adept entertainer, musician and writer, Maffei explores  myriad sounds, feels, and themes. Her extensive background guarantees audiences and listeners rich and engaging encounters of the musical kind. 

Both Sides Now, her recently released professionally produced album is a formative blend of pop, jazz, folk/rock, blues, and r&b. Balking at categories, Maffei strives for new sounds – like her compelling piano and vocal voicings of  Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now;  her daring Monkish arrangement of Love You More;  and her quirky Delta blues style Hard Changes.

Likewise, Maffei settles into a soulful ballad Back to Yes and struts her stuff, ad libbing over a gospel chorus in One Great Thing.

Maffei has opened for or shared the stage with Bill Staines, Jake Armerding, Tracy Chapman,The James Montgomery Band,  Loren&Mark, Guy Carawan, Cris Williamson, among others. She has won songwriting awards, been granted Artist-in-Residency positions and had her musical theater music spotlighted on kid’s TV shows as well as at the United Nations.

“Amanda Maffei combines outstanding musicianship with deft and distinctive songwriting skills. She is a joy to hear and a treat for any live audience.”  — Nick Noble, THE FOLK REVIVAL  WICN (Worcester Public Radio)


“Your songs are like telegrams from the soul.”   ~Brother Blue

“It’s somewhat unfair. Like the Sam Shepards, Tina Feys and Kris Kristoffersons of the world, this woman is a triple art threat. She sings like a bird, writes songs well enough to have them chosen for national commemorative events, plays piano and guitar well enough to tour if she wanted to, arranges, writes full theatre and shows, and does vocal voiceover work. Most of us are lucky to be even half-facile at one of those things.”    ~ Vance Gilbert