In 2014 Amanda Maffei attended NERFA to springboard songwriting and performing professionally. After attending Vance Gilbert’s workshop she enlisted him as coach.

“Vance is like a great physical therapist. He digs thumbs down deep into all weak spots and demands release of all calcifications. I’m a far better songwriter, entertainer and musician for it.”

She recently wrote and recorded her first professionally produced debut album, ‘Both Sides Now’, with Crit Harmon as producer and Brad Hatfield as director; she wrote and recorded a compilation of six kids’ songs and radio plays with a cast of professional storytellers and musicians, along  with a professional Foley artist for sound effects; she wrote and had illustrated a children’s book entitled ‘Where Are Sam and Grace?’, companioning one of the radio plays; and wrote script and score for a children’s/family musical based on the Scandinavian tale ‘Tatterhood’.

“I cocooned myself artistically for these past few years so I could accomplish these tasks. They were living in my mind for years and needed to get out.”

A performer/entertainer, recording artist, composer, music director, innovative middle school music teacher, award winning songwriter, musical theater composer and choral conductor, she brings a unique depth and breadth to her music and music community. 

Maffei continues her quest with seasoned entertainer Don White helping her develop business acumen and a personalized stage show. Riding the tails of a successful CD release party, opportunities are making themselves known.

“We live in a vast and rich artistic and musical time, community and place. I mean to add what I can and help others do the same.”

“Your songs are like telegrams from the soul.”   ~Brother Blue

“It’s somewhat unfair. Like the Sam Shepards, Tina Feys and Kris Kristoffersons of the world, this woman is a triple art threat. She sings like a bird, writes songs well enough to have them chosen for national commemorative events, plays piano and guitar well enough to tour if she wanted to, arranges, writes full theatre and shows, and does vocal voiceover work. Most of us are lucky to be even half-facile at one of those things.”    ~ Vance Gilbert